Three Important Muay Boxing Bagwork Principles

Coaching Muay Thai on heavy baggage is to not be taken calmly. You see the heavy bag on daily basis! You do heavy bagwork on daily basis. And a few of you perceive what heavy baggage are for, others don’t! As for the aspiring fighters amongst you, you might have heard the expression “heavy bagwork”! My query nevertheless is, do you’re employed the bag? A easy method to uncover whether or not you “work” whereas coaching Muay Thai on heavy baggage, is to ask this query: is it as troublesome to throw your first kick, punch, knee or elbow as it’s to throw the final? If NO is your reply you possibly can thank me later for making it clear, the significance of heavy bagwork ideas in Muay boxing!

Heavy bagwork ideas whereas coaching Muay Thai boxing start earlier than the heavy baggage are even touched. The primary precept that shall be uncovered might be summed up by the Capitalized Phrase: APPROACH! Earlier than hitting the bag with any of your Muay boxing methods the heavy bag should be approached in a honest, current, severe however not inflexible, respectful method. The strategy on any heay baggage ought to resemble the strategy to the Muay Thai combat RING moments earlier than stepping over the ropes and onto the canvas the place you honor your life-style as a pugilist! The strategy to the boxing ring with intent of being the victor begins nicely earlier than the ring is inside eyesight and will resemble your mentality earlier than you step in the direction of the heavybag. Each time! Coaching Muay Thai on heavy baggage is severe enterprise since you might be coaching for full contact preventing and never for train. You’re a pugilist and are within the health club to be a pugilist and never a pretty-boy!

The second precept is PRESENCE! You should be current every second of every spherical whereas coaching Muay Thai on heavy baggage. Every second that you’re not hitting the bag with full intention of knocking the bag of the heavy bag rack will in essence be a second that your opponent is hitting you! Though coaching Muay Thai on heavy baggage is just not preventing, it’s essential to stay current as when you might get struck down by your opponent at any time: chin should be down, guard should be relaxed however robust, eyes should be fastened, gazed on the goal. Presence throughout coaching is essential! Any certified Muay boxing coach, or มวยสากล coach for that matter understands the fact that a fighter will combat how he trains. If he trains mindlessly, is just not current, not centered and easily goes by means of the motions to make it to the tip of every spherical, to make it to the tip of the coaching session, his expression within the Muay boxing ring would be the identical. He’ll drift out and in of focus through the combat and can combat as if solely attempting to make it to the tip of the bout!

The third precept uncovered right here is POWER! Whereas coaching Muay Thai on heavy baggage energy is essential! Each approach thrown must be thrown with as a lot energy attainable as if it have been the final approach that would probably be summoned by your spirit. The jab, the cross, knees, elbows and kicks, all methods, ought to join with the bag as if you’re attempting to knock out your opponent! Each approach must be thrown as a knockout blow.

Method, Presence and Energy. These three necessary Muay boxing heavy bagwork ideas gives you an excellent base to work on whereas coaching Muay Thai on heavy baggage. Comply with all Muay boxing ideas whereas coaching and practice to do what you propose to do; combat!

Nico Carter, Muay Thai Coach is an fanatic of classical martial arts since 1993. His research have discovered him residing in Seoul, Korea for two years and later Thailand for three years. His ardour is bringing him again to Thailand late this 2010 to additional analysis, research, and compete in Genuine Muay Thai.

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